Monday, June 29, 2009

Magnesium: The Stress Buster

If someone told you that your stress level could go from 300 to 0 with a boost of magnesium, you probably wouldn’t believe them, but you might buy a hefty bottle of magnesium supplements the next time you were in the vitamin and natural health section. Since magnesium is a part of your cells and bones and is especially vital as the smoothing cells of your arteries, it protects those arteries from blood pressure that is caused by stress. Magnesium also helps the body control its absorption of potassium (the mineral found in bananas) and calcium (the reason your mother always made you drink all of your milk). If magnesium can multi-task by also helping the kidneys, adrenals, brain, heart, and nervous system functioning, why wouldn’t it also reduce your stress?

An Australian chemist and nutritionist, Peter Gillham says that between 90 and 95 percent of the world’s population is living with magnesium levels unhealthy for their body. So, what does an unhealthy magnesium level feel like? Here are just some of the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency: asthma, lowered energy levels, sleeplessness, headaches, muscle aches, tension and soreness, fatigue, anxiety, seizures, nervousness, PMS, weak bones, teeth grinding, insomnia, difficulty breathing, and heart problems.

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