Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Weight Machines

Free weight machines and free weights differ in the respect that free weights can be moved freely in a concentrated area of space. Free weight machines are restricted to moving in one of two directions.

Home workout equipment often consists of one machine that will perform a variety of functions and the machine easily converts to a heavier weight by simply inserting a pin in a block of weights, or by adding weight plates, or by adding a band. Some of the most widely known are:

•Total Gym uses the body weight of the user and elevation – the more extreme the elevation, the more difficult the workout. Never underestimate the body as a weight in strength training – and this unit folds up to be rolled into a closet or under a bed.
•Bowflex, by Nautilus, has two types of machine, the progressive, resistance cable, pulley system with power rod units; and the linear resistance, interlocking, lightweight resistance plates – both are geared for the home user.
•Weider makes the Ultimate Gym package, (four people can work at the same time) and single user machines, a Bowflex machine, a sled type of machine that resembles the Total Gym, and separate machines for isolating certain muscle groups like the Smith Rack & Bench. Weider is one of the longest running names in exercise, weight lifting and competition, and workout equipment and machines.
•Body-Solid carries a large choice of machines for the home user. Most are geared for a full workout/weight training regime but a few specifically target certain conditions; the G8I claims to allow you to work primary muscles and secondary muscles due to 3-deminsional independent motion giving more defined muscle development. Almost all machines are guaranteed for life and most are listed as being commercially rated.
•Yukon has a variety of workout machines, mostly geared to single or two user stations and a few have no leg press available. Yukon has a specialized lat machine and delt machine available.
There are many, smaller workout machines on the market that target specific areas, like Body by Jake’s Ab Scissor Ultra and LifelineUSA’s portable gym that consists of tubing, handles, and the ease of anywhere set up and use, including a hotel room.

Workout clubs carry a commercial grade of free weight machines like: Cambar, Cybex, Flex, Diesel Fitness, Hammer Strength, Hoist, Icarian, Paramount, Body Masters, Life Fitness, Badger Magnum, Nautilus, and many more.

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