Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wrinkles Be Gone: New Laser Treatment Approved for Home Use

Laser treatment to remove wrinkles around the eyes could now be at your fingertips. The FDA has approved the marketing of the first home-use laser device for removing wrinkles around the eyes. You may now be able to target those aging areas on your own without leaving the comfort of your home.

The new device was developed by Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. and will be marketed through retail channels by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Cos. Inc. There is no prescription necessary. The new device will be Palomar’s initial entrance into the consumer market. The company currently sells its large light-based equipment used for cosmetic treatments to health professionals. Details of the product are being held under wraps for now, but the company is excited about the opportunity their new product offers. Joseph P. Caruso, a chief executive for Palomar said, the new laser product "opens up a tremendous opportunity to tap into the multibillion dollar consumer skin care market with our patented technology."

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