Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Docs open up blocked arteries of brain

:A team of cardiologists at a private hospital here successfully performed an angioplasty on the four blocked arteries to the brain of a 27-year-old woman.

"The four-hour procedure was a complicated one and was conducted in two stages" said Dr Mukund who led the six-member cardiologists' team which performed the surgery in Omega Hospital on June 27.

Amitha was suffering from frequent bouts of loss of consciousness and severe pain in her hands for the last several months due to inflammation of the arteries and this angioplasty was the only solution, he told reporters today.

The procedure was done through the groin artery and using specially devised catheters. All the four blood vessels were opened using the 'protection device' to ensure safety, Mukund said.

”Since the surgery cost Rs 3.80 lakh and the patient is poor, we have requested the chief minister and legislators from this region to help with the expenses", he said.

The patient is fit and would be discharged tomorrow, Mukund said.

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